Help identify ecological changes that may be affecting our lakes.

IceWatch, a program of NatureWatch, is a volunteer monitoring program that collects freeze and thaw data from lakes across Canada. Our lakes can act as important sentinels of climate change, so every data point we collect can add valuable information to our climate record. In addition, the timing of freeze and thaw events may have important implications on the growth of algae in our lakes. Already, arctic researchers have linked earlier ice-off dates to earlier spring algal blooms. This information can also prove valuable in interpreting the data LakeWatch collects from your lake.

Becoming involved with IceWatch is simple! Visit the New User page to create your account, then read through the short How To and Identifying Ice sections for instructions on recording your observations. When ready, download the printable field sheet and start recording! Your data can be loaded directly to the IceWatch website or you can mail your observations to ALMS.

Have historical data you would like to upload? IceWatch wants that too! Just fill out a field sheet with your historical data and submit it as you would your current data. Currently, IceWatch has very little freeze and thaw data from Alberta, but we can change that! If you are interested in getting involved, let Bradley know so we can add you to our IceWatch mailing list, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Happy IceWatching!

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