2012 Lakeland


Thank you to our presenters, participants, and sponsors for an excellent workshop! You can see abstracts and presenter bios on the agenda. Where permission has been given, we have posted the presentations below. For more information we suggest you contact the speakers directly.

Keynote Speakers
Dr Rolf Vinebrooke, University of Alberta, Past, Present, and Future Effects of Eutrophication on Prairie Lakes and Ponds
Dr Hamid Habibi, University of Calgary, Dangers of Chemicals in Alberta Rivers
Dr William Shotyk, University of Alberta, Removal of Arsenic from Surface Waters by Natural Wetlands
Water Usage and Management
Household and Agricultural Water Allocation (Melissa Orr-Langner, AARD)
Saline Water Source for Steam Injection (Dr. Jennifer Russel-Houston, Osum Oil Sands)
In-Situ Operations at Shell Canada (Kathleen Zellweger, Shell)
Planning for Healthy Watersheds
Transboundary Watershed Management (Sandi Riemersma, Palliser Environmental)
Beaver River Watershed Alliance State of the Watershed (Robert Halliday, BRWA)
Working with Water in Saskatchewan (Dwayne Rowlett, Sask. Watershed Authority)
Scouting out the Issues
Long-term Water Quality Monitoring Results (Richard Casey, AESRD)
Development Along Shore Lands (Larry Kuchmak, AESRD)
Dealing with Invasive Species (Nicole Kimmel, AARD Weed Specialist)
Shoreline Development
Critically Assessing Lakeshore Subdivision or Development Proposals: Pointers for Lake Stewards (Judy Stewart, ALMS)
Riparian Aerial Video Assessments (George Walker, Walker Environmental)
Development of Environmental Reserve Bylaws (Kay Lee Kinch, MD Bonnyville)
(Facing, and Dealing with,) Water Quality Issues
Arsenic and Uranium in the Beaver River Watershed (Brent Walsh, AB Health)
Exploring rapid early detection of harmful versus benign algal blooms in Alberta freshwaters (Dr. Mark Graham, UofA)
Wetland Restoration (Lauren Bortolotti, UofA)
First Nation Perspectives
Cold Lake First Nations (Margaret Martial)
Earth’s Water (Tony Steinhauer)
Field Tours
Himalayan Balsam Control Site – Jesse Lake
Wood Creek Resort – Moose Lake