Lake Management

What is Lake Management?

The North American Lake Management Society defines the term “lake management” to encompass a broad array of inter-related topics, disciplines, and applications. It could be management for protection, enhancement, restoration and/or rehabilitation. Lake management activities may include lake and watershed studies, identification of problems causing various lake symptoms, evaluating options for remediation, planning and implementing that remediation, and performing all types of social, political, scientific, economic and other actions related to the waterbody or waterbodies of concern to manage that system.

In Alberta, the recommended strategy for managing lakes is to undertake a watershed management plan. Lake health is intricately linked to the health of the land it drains, its watershed. Watershed management planning brings together all levels of government, local communities, stakeholders and stewards, and encourages them to consider, in their policies and practices, the recommended actions outlined in a completed watershed management plan.  Collectively, these actions are aimed at improving conditions in the watershed, and ensuring that any development proceeds in a sustainable manner.

If you would like ALMS to be involved in your lake watershed management plan please contact us, we’d love to help.