Our LakeWatch Team

Each year ALMS hires field technicians to conduct LakeWatch’s water quality monitoring. Field technicians have a technical diploma or degree in environmental sciences or a related field, and receive a month of training with ALMS and Environment and Parks Environmental Monitoring and Science Division.

Caleb Sinn, Program Manager

Caleb’s passion for freshwater ecology developed after spending many summers throughout his childhood at Gull Lake, exploring Alberta’s mountain national parks, and fishing in southern British Columbia. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2019 with a B.Sc. double-major in Biology and Chemistry, and focused his studies specifically on community and freshwater ecology, environmental chemistry, and analytical chemistry. He also spent two years working on freshwater ecology projects ranging from mountain lake sampling to cyanobacteria monitoring and algal pigment analysis at the University of Alberta. Caleb was a LakeWatch technician in the summer of 2019, and looks forward to coordinating lake monitoring projects and public outreach across Alberta as the ALMS Program Manager.

Keri Malanchuk, LakeWatch Technician

Growing up in Calgary, Keri spent her weekends camping and hiking in the nearby Rocky Mountains giving her a love for spending time outdoors. She recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. with specialization in Biochemistry, with her options directed towards environmental science. Keri’s previous experience conducting water quality sampling and academic research has fostered an interest in ecotoxicology, specifically cyanobacterial toxins. In her role as a LakeWatch Technician for 2021, she hopes to learn more about her interests in the field and work closely with various members of the lake communities.

Brittany Onysyk, LakeWatch Technician

Growing up in a rural setting in Alberta, Brittany has a great adoration of the environment. She has many childhood memories camping around the province, and spent many summer days at lakes in the greater Edmonton region. Having a deep appreciation for the environment and a desire to conserve it, Brittany graduated from the University of Alberta in 2018 with a B.Sc. in Environmental & Conservation Sciences, majoring in Land Reclamation. Brittany has held various field-based positions throughout the province, and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge on lake health as a LakeWatch Technician in 2021. When she’s not out on the lake, you’ll likely find her out with her dogs!