A membership to ALMS is free, available to individuals over 18 years of age, and provides the following benefits:
  • receive notices of meetings of the Society,
  • attend general meetings of the Society,
  • express concerns in writing to the Board,
  • stand for election to the Board, and
  • receive one vote at a meeting of the Society.

An association may also apply for a membership and be entitled to one vote at a general meeting of the Society.

Membership Term

Membership terms shall be annual from October 1 – September 30. You can register as a member of ALMS at any point – however, in order to vote at or be elected to the Board of Directors at an annual general meeting, you must have renewed your membership by October 1st of that year.

Membership Responsibilities

Members of ALMS have a responsibility to act in accordance with the vision, mission, values, and bylaws of the Society, support the vision, mission, and values of the Society within their communities, and work actively with other members of the Society to implement work, projects, and programs of the Society.

Become a Member

Individual Membership Form

Association Membership Form

Association memberships will be approved by the Board of Directors and will receive one vote at meetings of the Society.