2018 Lake Days





2018 Annual Workshop
September 28-29
Rochon Sands Hall, Buffalo Lake

Each year the Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) hosts a two-day workshop to engage stakeholders on issues related to lake monitoring and management. In 2018, ALMS, in partnership with the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, will be bringing the 24th annual workshop to Buffalo Lake, Alberta!


View the workshop presentations below:

Day 1
Block 1

Cheri Neitz, Erskine-Buffalo Lake

An Overview of Buffalo Lake- History and Current Challenges

Dr. Judy Stewart, ALMS

Loving our Lakeshores to death! Working with local government to manage human impacts on Buffalo Lake

Block 2

Dr. John Holz, HAB Aquatic Solutions

Utilizing Alum to Improve Surface Water Quality

Dr. Dörte Köster: Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd.

In-Lake and Watershed Management - How to Find the Right Balance?

Al Sosiak, Sosiak Environmental

In-Lake Treatment Options for Half Moon Lake

Block 3

Dr. Nina C.Y. Wang, Alberta Health

Presentation unavailable. Visit AEPHIN for more information.

Markus Becker, ABMI

Land-Use Planning Tools for Prioritizing Watershed Management

Rosemarie Ferjuc, RDRWA

Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Updates

Day 2
Block 4

Bradley Peter, ALMS

ALMS Program Updates

Anto Davis, LLWSS

Presentation Unavailable

Patricia Fish, LILSA

What’s the Rush: Flowering Rush at Isle Lake

Block 5

Ray Makowecki

Muriel Lake Restoration Action Plan

Arin MacFarlane Dyer, AEP

Riparian Area Intactness Assessment for Buffalo, Gull, Sylvan and Pigeon Lakes

Marcus Becker, ABMI

Lake Recreation and Economics

Field Tours

The Alberta Prairie Railway in Stettler

Buffalo Lake/Red Deer River Pump House

Rachel Agnes Hayes Conservation Lands

Thank-you to our sponsors! Our Gold Sponsor is Algae Control Canada!

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