Recreational Water Monitoring

What is Recreational Water Monitoring?

In Alberta, recreational water monitoring is carried out in order to assess the exposure risk of lake users to Enterococcus bacteria, and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). Monitoring is coordinated by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services at priority beach locations across Alberta, from late May to early September. Results of the monitoring may result in advisories posted to specific beach locations (Enterococcus), or for a lake as a whole (cyanobacteria).

With support from Alberta Health, ALMS has hired a Recreational Water Technician to coordinate volunteers to sample beaches throughout Alberta for public health targets as part of Alberta Health’s recreational water monitoring network. The Recreational Water Technician has a technical diploma or degree in environmental public health or a related field, and has experience with program coordination and management.

View the provincial Safe Beach Protocol here

Enterococcus and Cyanobacteria Training Videos: 

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