2013 Lake Watershed Plans


Program: Workshop Program, Abstracts and Presenter’s Bios

Presentations (check back in a month when audio will be added):

1. Lake Eutrophication and Lake Management Planning
ALMS Welcome 20th Annual
Chris Teichreb, Limnologist ESRD From Monitoring to Management, Working Towards Maintaining and Improving Water Quality at Pigeon Lake
Bob Gibbs, Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan
2. Roles and Responsibilities in Lake Watershed Planning
Mike Black and Paul McLauchlin, Battle Lake Synergy Group

Battle Lake Riparian Protection Plan

Susan Ellis/Emile Beaudry, Pigeon Lake Watershed Assoc. Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Role
Brian Waterhouse – Association of Pigeon Lake Municipalities Association of Pigeon Lake Municipalities Role
3. Management Options
Dora Berry, Nature’s Elements The Case for Banning Cosmetic Fertilizers
Sharon Reedyk, Agriculture and Agri-foods Canada Buffer Design for the Canadian Prairies
Juanna Thompson, Alberta Conservation Association Protecting watersheds through land securement: a proactive approach from a land trust perspective
4. Management Options and Emerging Issues
Dr. Glynnis Hood, U of A Augustana Unlikely Stewards: The Role of Beavers in Maintaining Freshwater Resources
Kate Wilson, ESRD Update and results of Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring
Glenn Isaac, North Sask Riverkeeper Pollution Reporting with the SwimGuide.org
Jessica Ponto, Alberta Health Services Monitoring for Cyanobacteria in Alberta’s Lakes

5. Changing Behaviours at Multiple Landscape Scales
Michelle Gordy, UofA School of Public Health Swimmer’s Itch in Alberta: Understanding Transmission Dynamics to Better Inform Control Strategies
Judy Stewart, LLM A Model Lakeshore Land-use Bylaw for Pigeon Lake
Laura Edwards, Nature Alberta Living by Water Homesite Consultation Program: Promoting Awareness and Education of Shoreline Ecology and Healthy Lake Practices to Shoreline Residents
Steph Neufeld, Alberta Lake Management Society Water Council Recommendations for the Management of NPS Pollution and Riparian Areas


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