2023 Annual Conference

2023 Annual Conference
September 12-13
Camp Kannawin at Sylvan Lake

Each year the Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) hosts a two-day workshop to engage stakeholders on issues related to lake monitoring and management. In 2023, ALMS brought the annual conference to Sylvan Lake, Alberta! This event also featured topics specific to the Red Deer Watershed in support of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance’s Fall Forum!

We hope you will join us next fall for the 2024 Annual Conference!

Agenda and Presentations:

Block 1

Town of Sylvan Lake, Mayor Hanson

Presentation Unavailable

Alberta Lake Management Society, Bradley Peter

Welcome and ALMS 2023 Summary

Alberta Lake Management Society, Kurstyn Perrin

Indigenous Community Based Monitoring in the Oil Sands Region

Métis Nation of Alberta, Christine Grams and Tracey Hammer

Braided Ways of Knowing: A Culturally-Relevant Approach to Fish Monitoring

Block 2

Associated Environmental Consultants, Dörte Köster

Managing Invasive Fish in Alberta Stormwater Ponds

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association, Bob Gibbs

NRCB Decision to Deny CFO: Lessons

Alberta Conservation Association, Lance Engley

Alberta Piping Plovers and Their Unique Relationship With Lakes

Block 3

ABMI and ALMS, Brett Campbell and Bradley Peter

Satellite Validation of Cyanobacteria Blooms in Alberta Lakes

Block 4

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Gerry Haekel

Disturbance Standard for Temporary Seasonal Docks

University of Calgary, Dr. David Barrett

A Case for a Modernized Atlas of Alberta Lakes

Red Deer River Naturalists, Myrna Pearman

Stories From the Water: Celebrating Alberta's Wetland Wildlife. Presentation Unavailable.

Block 5

Trent Caskey, Special Irrigation Project

Acadia Irrigation Project

Gull Lake Watershed Society, Paul Anderson

Water Level Stabilization at Gull Lake

Associated Environmental Consultants, Kristen Andersen

Bulrush Restoration at Wabamun Lake

Block 6

University of Calgary, Dr. Bernhard Mayer

Nitrate Contamination of Shallow Groundwater

University of Alberta, Dr. Brian Smerdon

Using Isotopes to Understand Lakes of the Carvel Pitted Delta

McGill University, Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves

First Canada-Wide Assessment of Lakes: What Are We Learning?

Field Tours:

Field tours took place on Wednesday September 13th. Thank you to each of our field tour locations for their support of the conference!

-Sylvan Lake Lighthouse and Shorefront with the Sylvan Lake and District Archives

Sylvan Star Cheese Factory Tour

Kerry Wood Nature Centre and the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary

Thank you to our sponsors:

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