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01-30-19 In Lake Treatment Seminar

Academic Articles

Stable Isotope Mass Balance of 50 Lakes

Government of Canada

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Canada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture – stream water quality survey
Environment Canada – Water Survey of Canada

Government of Alberta

Respect our Lakes – Legislation & Regulations
Lake Science and Legislation
Shorelands – Approvals and Regulations
Environmental Monitoring Information Centre
Water For Life Strategy
Watershed Management Resources
Surface Water Data – Lake Trophic Level Maps & raw data for lakes
AEMERA – Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency
Occupational Health and Safety Code


Alberta Association of Summer Villages
Alberta Municipal Districts
Alberta Association of Urban Municipalities
Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties


List of Alberta lake stewardship groups
Watershed Stewardship Directory
Alberta Stewardship Network

Living By Water – Nature Alberta
Cows and Fish – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society
Alberta Conservation Association
Alberta Invasive Plants Council

Watershed Protection and Advisory Councils

Athabasca Watershed Council
Battle River Watershed

Beaver River Watershed Alliance

BRBC – Bow River Basin Council

Lesser Slave Watershed Council
Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance

Milk River Watershed Council Canada

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Oldman Watershed Council
Red Deer River Watershed Alliance

SEAWA – South East Alberta Watershed Alliance

Lake Information

Atlas of Alberta Lakes
LakeWatch Reports
Central Alberta Recreational Lakes Initiative
Secchi Dip-In
The Swim Guide
Lake Levels: Global Surface Water Explorer
Lake Levels: Environment Canada
Lake Levels: Alberta

Non-profit Organizations (for additional resources)

NALMS – North American Lake Management Society
Ducks Unlimited
River Watch
North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper
Water Matters
Society of Canadian Limnologists
BC Lake Stewardship Society
Know Your Watershed
Alberta Water Quality Awareness Day
IceWatch – volunteer monitoring on ice on/off dates for lakes

State of the Watershed Reports:

Reports obtained from various websites have been archived here:

Baptiste Lake
Jackfish Lake
Hubbles Lake
Lac la Nonne
Lac Ste Anne and Isle Lake
Mayatan Lake
Moose Lake
Pigeon Lake
Skeleton Lake
Wabamun Lake
Wizard Lake

Management Plans:

Reports obtained from various websites have been archived here:

Baptiste and Island Lakes
Buffalo Lake
Burnstick Lake
Chain Lakes
Cold Lake
Lac la Biche 
Mayatan Lake
Moose Lake
Pigeon Lake
Skeleton Lake
Smoke Lake
Sylvan Lake