A Quick Guide to Watershed Management Planning

In September 2013, ALMS published the  Workbook for Developing Lake Management Plans in Alberta. The purpose of this document is to guide lake stewardship groups and lake managers who have tackled the task of developing management plans for their basin. The document is aligned with existing and new Provincial policies, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils, and current legislation. It was created to act as a lake-specific companion document to the Guide to Watershed Management Planning in Alberta, which was produced by Alberta Environment & Parks and finalized in 2015.

The flowchart below is from page 19 of the Workbook, and shows the six stages of the watershed management process. The process has been broken down into 16 detailed steps, which are summarized in pop-up windows when each arrow is clicked. All of the steps are in the ALMS Workbook in full detail, and this page acts as an interactive way to display a quick overview of this process. Also included in the ALMS Workbook are a number of Case Studies from lakes in Alberta that are undergoing lake management processes. An interactive map displaying the case studies is located here.

How to navigate this page: Clicking on one of the arrows below will open a pop-up window. These may not appear if pop-ups are disabled in your web browser. Once a pop-up is open, you can close it by clicking outside of the pop-up window, or by clicking the small exit text in the top right corner of the pop-up window. Links within each pop-up should open any linked web pages or documents in a new window.

Please note: As of now, the interactive pop-ups don’t work well on mobile devices. Sorry for any inconvenience! You can still view the full workbook PDF here.

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