ALMS conducts education and outreach events throughout the year.

There is a growing concern for water in Alberta, and the recognition that we need to manage our water resources in a more sustainable fashion. But to understand how to treat our water ways (lakes, streams, wetlands, rivers, etc) and how to protect their natural beauty and health, we must first lay a foundation of knowledge by teaching about water quality and the risks associated with water quality deterioration. Below is a list of ALMS’ education and outreach programs.

Beach Outreach

1069330_635680319810798_1294939484_nAn initiative was started in 2012 to educate lake users face-to-face on water quality, lake watershed health, and blue-green algae at beaches during peak summer months. An educator travels to beaches throughout Central and Northern Alberta to distribute information and engage lake users. On many occasions this is done in collaboration with a local Watershed Stewardship Group and at a festival or cultural event.




AWQA Events

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A core tool we use to teach about water quality is our AWQA test kits. We can bring kits to your group and head out together to sample a local waterbody. These are ideal for groups of children.

Workshops and Presentations

The Society organizes an annual workshop and AGM at a different Alberta lake community each fall with the help of local stewardship groups. In addition, we have 017offered smaller workshops/webinars. For example, we partnered with the First Nation Technical Services Advisory Group as well as Cows and Fish to host lake watershed monitoring workshops at Battle Lake. We partnered with the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper and the University of Alberta to host a seminar on the Health Impacts of Blue Green Algae during Canada Water Week. We are often asked to speak about lake management at lake associations’ Annual General Meetings.


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 if you would like us to participate or host an outreach event for your group.

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