2023 Scholarship Recipient Tara Lepine

Aquatic sciences form the basis of the sound management of lakes and their watersheds. ALMS has created a scholarship to encourage and support students in disciplines related to lake or watershed management. Full time senior undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at Canadian universities or colleges are eligible to apply. The scholarship is intended to support students in the aquatic sciences, and related disciplines, and promote the objectives of the Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS). The amount offered is $2000 Canadian.

A scholarship review committee appointed by the Board of Directors will review applications and award the scholarship. A combination of the following factors will be considered: academic achievement, major field of study, a statement of career goals, and relevance of the course of study to the objectives of ALMS.

The recipient will be expected to address the Annual General Meeting in the fall to present a progress report on research undertaken, or another topic of mutual interest. The scholarship funds may be spent at the discretion of the award recipient.

Application Guidelines

The application deadline for the 2024 Scholarship is July 31, 2024 at midnight.

Please view the Application Guidelines PDF for information on what to include in your submission. If you’d like to advertise this posting, feel free to use our Scholarship Poster. Applicants should be enrolled in their educational program in September of the scholarship year.

Please email your application directly to ALMS

If you have any challenges with your application, please call (780) 702-ALMS or email us at

Past Recipients

Recipient Year Awarded Program Title
Tara Lepine 2023 An experimental test of the potential for Bull Trout conservation translocations, via instream incubation
capsules, in Alberta.
Ceilidh Welch 2022 Assessing the Reliability of a Community-Based Approach to qPCR Water Monitoring.
Ferdous Nawar 2021 Implication of winter ice cover physical/optical properties on basal productivity and associated hydro-chemical gradients in seasonally ice-covered temperate lakes in Alberta.
Sydney Huculak 2020 Identifying the limiting nutrients driving stream eutrophication within Alberta’s agricultural watersheds.
Sebastian Theis 2019 Assessing Habitat Enhancements to Improve the Restoration and Development of Northern Boreal Lakes.
Sydney Rudko 2018 Development, Implementation, and Assessment of qPCR Field Diagnostic Methodologies within a Citizen Science Framework for Monitoring Biological Hazards in Recreational Water.
Kate Keenan 2017 Impacts of climate and environmental change on zooplankton community structures in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.
Laura Redmond 2016 Assessment of climatic adaptation by alpine plankton.
Michelle Gordy 2015 Ecological modelling of snail and trematode communities to understand swimmer’s itch transmission in Alberta lakes.
Lisa Brodziak 2014 Water Quality Assessment and Management Options for Isle Lake and Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta.
Michelle Gordy 2013 Environmental factors and their effects on swimmer’s itch transmission dynamics in Alberta lakes.
Lauren Bortolotti 2012 Whole-ecosystem recovery of prairie pothole wetlands.
Megan MacLennan 2011 Interactions between multiple stressors in freshwater lake communities: Can fish predation negate climate warming effects?
Sarah Lord 2010 Patterns of mercury contamination in Common Loons and fishes near a local source of atmospheric mercury pollution.
Justin Hanisch 2009 Effects of stocked trout on the native food webs, forage fish and invertebrates of boreal foothills lakes.
Nathan Ballard 2008 Internal phosphorus generation from lake sediments in Alberta prairie lakes.
Vanessa Phillips 2007 High Mountain Lakes as Indicators for Global Change.
Heather Boyd 2006 Regime Shifts in Shallow Prairie Lakes.
Danielle Cobbaert 2005 Effects of phosphorus on submerged macrophytes and planktonic food webs in Boreal Lakes.
Steph Neufeld 2004 Land conversion and its effect on stream nutrients and macroinvertebrate diversity.
Fiona Johnson 2003 Sustainability of Bull Trout in Lower Kananaskis Lake.