Lake Watershed Planning

It is important that lake managers and stewardship groups have the tools necessary to best manage their lake environments.

Workbook For Developing Lake Watershed Management PlansOver the past three years, ALMS has compiled The Workbook for Developing Lake Watershed Management Plans in Alberta to act as a guidance document for lake stewardship groups and lake managers who are developing management plans for their basins. This will provide a clear, province-wide document that lake stewardship groups can use to develop lake management plans for their basins. It is aligned with existing and new Provincial policies, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils, and current legislation. It is a lake-specific companion document to the Guide to Watershed Planning.

Long-term we expect to see consistency in lake watershed management plans across Alberta, greater efficiently in their completion, and an increased number of plans created. ALMS hopes that this will increase public engagement in the process and better incorporation of lake management plans into regional plans and municipal plans. Overall, we expect that lakes will be managed more effectively in Alberta and therefore Albertan’s will enjoy the benefits of lake recreation and aquatic ecosystems will be protected.

Here is a list of the current planning programs in Alberta:
Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan
Sylvan Lake Cumulative Environmental Management System
Baptiste and Island Lakes Stewardship Society
Mayatan Lake Watershed Management Plan
Wabamun Lake Sub-Watershed Landuse Plan
Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan

If you would like ALMS to be involved in your lake watershed management plan please contact us, we’d love to help.

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