Lakes of the Carvel Pitted Delta

There are several dozen small kettle lakes located on the post glacial landscape of Parkland County known as the Carvel Pitted Delta. There are approximately 25 named and 70 unnamed lakes in this area. These small lakes and their associated landscapes are considered to have unique ecological value by local and provincial governments, as well as conservation agencies.

A drone view of PL1. Photo provided by M. Myshak.

Beginning in 2020, a partnership between ALMS and the University of Alberta launched a preliminary project to gather water quality information on the lakes in the Carvel Pitted Delta. Twelve lake basins were sampled during the summer.

During the summer of 2021, ALMS and the Mayatan Lake Management Association (MLMA) successfully delivered an expanded, community-based water quality survey program for an additional forty-four of these small lakes. This survey was a collaborative effort supported by several partners, including ALMS, MLMA, the Land Stewardship Centre of Canada (LSCC), the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA), the Stony Plain Fish and Game Association (SPFGA), and the Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Alberta.

In 2022, a third-community based water quality survey project was implemented by ALMS and the MLMA. Fifty lakes were sampled this summer, extending the regional overview of lake water quality within the Carvel Pitted Delta. Lake bathymetry, isotope collection, microcystin collection, aquatic invasive species sampling, and light extinction measurements were also added to the scope of work in 2022, in addition to gathering lake water quality data as in past years. The 2022 survey was a collaborative effort supported by several partners, including ALMS, MLMA, LSCC, NSWA, SPFGA, the Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Alberta, as well as thirty-one private landowners that graciously provided access to lakes that were located on their properties.

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View original research on lakes of the Carvel Pitted Delta by Konstantin von Gunten et. al. (2022) on Natural Controls on Phosphorus Concentrations in Small Lakes in Central Alberta, Canada.

Partners and funders of the 2021 Carvel Pitted Delta lake survey.

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