Annual LakeWatch Summaries

While ALMS collects a large suite of water chemistry parameters, this report will attempt to highlight the variability which exists across only a few of our major parameters: Secchi Depth, Total Phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a, and Microcystin.

The variation within these parameters does not necessarily reflect a degree of lake management, for many factors outside of human control also impact lake water quality. The depth of the lake, the size of the drainage basin, lake order, and the composition of bedrock and sediment are just some of the factors which affect lake water quality and should be taken into consideration when reading these results.

Annual reports summarizing LakeWatch monitoring data:

LakeWatch Summary Reports
LakeWatch Summary 2015
LakeWatch Summary 2016
LakeWatch Summary 2017
LakeWatch Summary 2018
LakeWatch Summary 2019
LakeWatch Summary 2020
LakeWatch Summary 2021
LakeWatch Summary 2022

For more detailed individual lake reports, please click here.


Crane Lake, Photo by Pauline

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