Aquatic Species

Living species that inhabit aquatic environments can have dramatic effects on water quality and ecosystems. Humans tend to deem species that interfere with our usage of the ecosystem as pests or nuisances. In Alberta Lakes, some of these species are native to the ecosystem (for example, blue-green algae) while others are introduced and considered invasive (for example, Eurasian water milfoil).

ALMS monitors for some of these species in our LakeWatch program, but it is also possible for citizen scientists to be aware and informed of what species may be present in local lakes. The following are resources for some current common nuisance species in Alberta Lakes, as well as invasive species that are not currently common, but for which awareness is important to prevent their introduction and spread.

Blue-Green Algae

Swimmer’s Itch

Aquatic Plants

Invasive Aquatic Plants

Invasive Species

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