Winter LakeKeepers

What is Winter LakeKeepers?

Winter LakeKeepers allows volunteers to independently monitor lakes or reservoirs for parameters important to ecological health while ice fishing.

Training manuals and monitoring equipment are sent to LakeKeepers to collect data from their lake or reservoir. NEW FOR 2020-2021: two different protocols can be followed. A base-level protocol is designed to allow for more time to deliver samples back to ALMS, and an enhanced protocol is designed to collect additional samples that require delivery back to ALMS more quickly.

Depending on which protocol is being followed, equipment provided includes:

  • One YSI ProODO dissolved oxygen and temperature meter
  • Nutrient sample bottles
  • Phytoplankton (algae) sample bottle
  • Isotopes sample bottle
  • Routine chemistry sample bottle
  • Chlorophyll-a sample bottles
  • Chlorophyll-a filtering kit
  • Field sheets
  • Instruction guide
  • Sampling gloves
  • Sample preservatives

Samples are shipped back to the Alberta Lake Management Society office in Edmonton for analysis and reporting. Once the samples are analyzed, all of the data and field sheet information is compiled into a report, and uploaded to the Gordon Foundation’s DataStream water quality data portal ( Links to the current reports are below:

If you would like to volunteer with Winter LakeKeepers, contact ALMS at or 780-702-2567.

Materials for Volunteers:

INSTRUCTION GUIDE: Before getting involved with LakeKeepers, new volunteers should review the LakeKeepers instruction guide.
FIELD SHEETS: Volunteers can print additional field sheets. Field sheets will be provided in the sampling kits.
INFORMED CONSENT: New volunteers must read ALMS ice safety guide. After reading this guide, complete the ice safety quiz and informed consent form here.
WHAT TO DO WITH SAMPLES: Please refer to page 8 and 9 of the sampling instructions to help you manage your sampling kit and samples after sample collection. For information on shipping with Purolator, see the example Purolator Shipping Slip.
PRESERVATIVE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDS): This file contains the MSDS information for the preservatives used for the G2-preserved bottle (sulfuric acid), and the phytoplankton bottle (Lugol’s Solution: 5% iodine solution and acetic acid).

More information about the YSI ProODO can be found, here.

Need help finding your GPS coordinates? Follow these directions:

      • Go to
      • Search your lake’s name, or drag the map to find your lake.
      • Using your mouse, right click on the location of the lake where you collected your sample.
      • Choose “What’s Here?”
      • The GPS coordinates will appear at the bottom of your screen in the format of 55.217876, -113.252806.
      • You can record these coordinates on your field sheet.

If you still need assistance – please phone ALMS for help at 780-702-2567.