Alberta Water Council

ALMS is the representative for the Lake Environment Conservation sector. ALMS’ aim is to ensure that lake protection and conservation, and the ecological processes that sustain them, is considered during policy development.

ALMS has contributed expertise to the following project teams:

  • Provincial Ecological Criteria for Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Non-Point Source Pollution
  • Water Allocation Transfer
  • Moving from Actions to Words
  • Water for Life Implementation
  • Riparian Management
  • Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Water Literacy

Managing and Monitoring Alberta’s Lakes project has started and is in the working group stage. We will be soliciting applications for project team members in July and August. If you would like to be involved as a team member or as an adviser to the AWC Lake Conservation Representation, please contact Brad at

For information on the Alberta Water Council, including minutes and reports generated by the project teams listed above, please visit the Council’s website.

2013 Update from the Lake Environment Conservation Director