Call for Alberta Water Council Project Team Rep

The Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity initiative will begin the fourth phase of its work. ALMS has had a representative on the past three phases and is looking for someone to represent the Lake Environment Conservation sector on this working group.

The working group will develop a terms of reference to guide a project team in achieving the outcomes outlined in phase three of the Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity initiative. Extensive background information on this initiative is available on the AWC website ( The working groups meeting dates will be determined once the membership is confirmed, though is expected to have the first meeting in mid-July, in Edmonton at the AWC office.

Expectations of Representative:
–          Represent a particular stakeholder organization or sector, not personal perspectives;
–          Come prepared for meetings, (i.e., reading pre-meeting material, completing homework assignments and being able to negotiate on behalf of their sector);
–          Make constructive contributions that advance the team’s goals and objectives, and help others to do the same;
–          Report regularly to their sector;
–          Brief their sector’s Director regularly, including prior to the team’s report and recommendations being presented to the Board;
–          As appropriate, participate in briefing ALMS;
–          Liaise with their sector’s participants on the Board and other Council teams to maximize synergy, ensure coordination, and prevent duplication by keeping each other informed;
–          Follow the rules and principles of consensus decision making.

–          Approximately four months. Representatives may want to consider participating on the project team that will follow the working group.
–          Two to three full-day meetings, with possibly some hours required between meetings to review and comment on materials (e.g. draft terms of reference).

If you are an ALMS member and interested in this project please contact Arin by June 18.

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