Municipal Government Act Review Submission

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) is providing these comments to the province regarding the Municipal Government Act (MGA) Review.  We intend that our input into the MGA could improve management of lake and environmental resources. We emphasize that a priority is to see clarity around municipalities’ powers to regulate for watershed and lake health, including the need to manage non-point source pollution.

Generally, ALMS supports that the MGA include and expand as follows:

1.       Include protection and management of the environment as a valid municipal planning purpose,

2.       Include by-law purposes specific to environmental matters,

3.       Expand municipal enforcement tools,

4.       Expand revenue generation powers, and

5.       Improve public participation in municipal decision-making.

MGA amendments are also required to ensure adjoining municipalities are not undermining their adjacent municipality’s environmental outcomes when shared environmental components are concerned (i.e. water, air, wildlife). This may fall under intermunicipal development plans.

Specific Concerns

Specifically ALMS is concerned that the MGA provisions regarding “environmental reserves” need significant clarification to enable municipalities to better regulate and control land uses adjacent to water bodies and watercourses, and manage environmentally sensitive or significant landscapes such as natural drainage courses, coulees, wetlands, and riparian lands.


ALMS MGA Submission 2014

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