Pigeon Lake Nutrient Budget Released

Recent concerns over increased frequency and intensity of cyanobacterial blooms on Pigeon Lake has prompted intense study of the lake and its watershed. In 2013 work was done to characterize water quality, sediment quality, and non-fish biota. This data was then used to create a nutrient budget for lake and to undertake a BATHTUB model to explore future management options. The available reports are listed below:

A paleolimnology report and a presentation on the modelling are forthcoming.

Many thanks to everyone who supported this work, it was a group effort by ESRD, ALMS, and PLWA. This was an investment of nearly $200,000 in funding and hundreds of hours in design, management, collection, analysis and write-up and should provide a solid foundation for current and future work being undertaken or considered by stakeholders at Pigeon Lake.

More information on the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan can be found at: www.plwmp.ca

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